Acre & Row Conversations - Rikesh from The Rake 

Rikesh has supported Acre & Row since its inception. As an individual he has contributed significantly to the menswear industry - his knowledge of brands, photography and overall product. It was therefore a pleasure to finally catch up with Rikesh and talk about his thoughts on some of the recent topics in menswear. 
Check out the Q&A below:

Your first impressions after wearing the Acre & Row UJ001?
It's a lot more of an all-year-round jacket than I had expected. My thinking behind it being safari was that it was going to be ideal in the summer, and potentially as a light layer in the transitional period. However, due to the nature of the construction and the lining for example, it's actually quite a solid option for colder climes. I've worn it a couple times during December and it's been ace.

Do you feel practicality and function is becoming more important within menswear?
Practicality probably more so, as well as comfort. People want to wear clothes they ultimately feel comfortable in, especially as so much of our time is now being spent at home. Having a garment that works well at home, in the city, or in the country, is always going to be a plus. You get more use out of it.


Is the suit slowly becoming something of the past?
Suits, possibly, but tailoring no. I think the latter is alive and kicking, and we at The Rake in particular champion it. But with everything, it needs to adapt. The relaxation of dress code has enabled the suit to be worn primarily as separates, whilst the nature of life right now has seen the jacket become significantly softer, and more casual in terms of cloth, silhouette and form. I'm not as likely to wear a full on suit as much now, but I'll definitely mix and match.

What are your thoughts on buying less but buying quality?
I think it's imperative we buy less and buy better. The clothing industry is killing our planet, and that's not new news. It's important to stop wasting money on fast fashion items that only last a few months. Invest in key pieces, in a timeless style, which are well-crafted and you'll look good for years without needlessly contributing to waste. Plus, the coolest items in a wardrobe are always the vintage ones that have a story to tell.

One brand that has made the biggest impact on how you dress?
Turnbull & Asser initially, which was always going to happen considering I worked there for over two years. Beyond that, the biggest impact on me (and a lot of others) is probably Drake's. They don't take themselves too seriously, everything goes with everything else, and the quality is always great. I love the high-low approach to life, and they do it with aplomb.

Your favourite accessory?
My favourite accessory is the tie. There are so many varieties, colours, that span over generations. I love them. I love collecting them, and being able to tell people the stories as to how I came to discover each one. Going back to brands that inspired my style, I suppose Turnbull was a big contributor to my love for ties, given they're a shirtmaker. Shirts and ties go four-in-hand, after all.

Your menswear icon?
Menswear icon is a tough one, as there's no one that's directly inspired me, but there are many people and icons whose style I admire. Saying that, Ralph Lauren is pretty epic, though.

Check out Rikesh on his Instagram: @rkzuk