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Saying 'I do' to the right fabric

At Acre & Row we know how important your big day is and, with our experience, we are able to guide you through the process of your wedding suit journey. We offer a full consultation to get an understanding of your style and how you envisage looking on your big day.  We will then talk through different options starting with the colour of your suit - we believe that colour is the first and most important choice for any wedding suit! Second to that is the fabric choice; with our expert advice, we will take into consideration where your wedding will take place, the weather and time of year, combined with the look you want to create to recommend the perfect fabric to make sure you look and feel the very best on your special day!

Raise a toast

 We know how much planning goes into a wedding and how important all the small details are - this is why we offer all customisation free of charge! This ranges from date monograms to linings - if you have a special request please let us know and we will try to accommodate it as best we can!

We believe that looking good and feeling good come hand in hand. This means with an Acre & Row suit, you get to let loose and throw some dance moves knowing you look like a million dollars! 

Wedding Suit Process

1. Initial consultation

To get started all you need to do is fill out the 'Book your Wedding Consultation' form below. Our tailoring expert will then contact you to understand a bit more about what it is you are looking for - we are happy to talk through any questions you have prior to your appointment. We will then send you an email to confirm the appointment date, time and location.

2. Meet and measure up

At this stage our tailoring expert will meet with you and gain an understanding of what kind of style you are looking for and how it will compliment you on your big day; taking into account any colour accents or themes you have arranged. Getting to know one another is an important part of the process - ultimately you will be putting your trust in us to make sure you look and feel the best on your big day!

The next step is discussing fabric options and we will make recommendations based on location, time of year and the expected weather. You will have hundreds of cloth choices all from the most renowned Italian and British cloth mills.

We then take your measurements as well as getting you to try on a sample suit roughly your size to understand your preference in fit and comfort. You will then get to customise your garment - from pocket style, lapel style to even having your special day monogrammed on the inside of your suit. Don’t worry, we will always give our recommendation for added reassurance!

3. Creating your wedding outfit

Once we have finalised your order we send all your measurements and style preferences to our overseas workshop. This is when your suit comes to life and your individual pattern is cut from your selected fabric and then fully constructed and finished. The whole process takes between 4 - 6 weeks.

Our expert tailors, which of whom have had over 20 years of experience, stay in communication with us to ensure no detail is overlooked.

4. Making sure all is perfect

When your suit arrives we will get in contact with you to arrange a fitting appointment.

At this stage we will get you to try the garment on and, if necessary, make any slight adjustments - these adjustments are done at no extra cost. We understand this is the one day you will be photographed from every angle, so we make sure nothing gets overlooked. 

We save every individual garment pattern should you ever want to order again. This makes the whole process a lot easier the second time around.