About Us

A well-considered and thoughtful approach to menswear.  

Our approach to menswear is influenced from across the sartorial world: taking notes from the durable and structured fabrics found in British tailoring; the relaxed and unconstructed Italian fit; and the casual form popularised by 1920's Ivy League. We aim to provide the wardrobe with staple pieces, which will remain relevant over time.

Our Ready to Wear collection is the first step to creating a cohesive wardrobe. Everything from design concept to garment completion is produced to the highest standard in England. All the fabrics used within this collection are from the finest British mills - championing British craftsmanship and lowering our environmental impact by sourcing locally.

Our Made '4' Order and Made to Measure collections are curated by working closely alongside workshops from around the world, in particular those who share our ethos of producing quality clothing. We have the flexibility to allow you to choose your own Made '4' Order pieces from our selected styles, or we can work alongside you to create a completely bespoke item with our Made to Measure service. Both options will allow you to create unique pieces tailored towards your individual style.

We believe in buying garments with thought and consideration – a man’s wardrobe needn't be a complicated endeavour. We hope our customers can curate their ideal wardrobe over time using our tried and tested staple pieces and understanding how these can be styled with existing items within your wardrobe.

We look forward to being a part of your menswear journey.